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Skin Layout with artwork in the middle


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On 9/13/2023 at 3:58 AM, andrewilley said:

3) That is already skinable. I'm assuming you mean you want to see the artwork shown in the middle of the screen, with controls/info/etc shown above and below it?

artwork in the middle would be awesome. phones now got larger screens and in Poweramp the album artwork its all at the top so all the middle of the screen it's just blank space for the play/pause controls.

a fix to this (in my opinion) could be move the V.T.R.S. buttons to the top and move the simple seekbar above the play/pause buttons.

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@flyingdutchman i actually bought your skin. really customizable and i really liked that! but the problem i have it's that i can't make it look as i want visually. 

i want it to look visually like this (this is luminous black skin)


but with the objects on the ui placed like this (yaps skin)


i really took some time around playing with the options and the best i could do to make it look as i wanted was that.

most of the options are on default on the luminous dark skin, i just made the background of the buttons transparent. if you could add options to let the colors on default and remove the strokes and background on the buttons would be really nice. and please make the volume slider customizable, like change the color or length.

really powerful skin though! the only issue for me it's what i mentioned.

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@ihaspei great stuff. Yes, the other skins offer "default" options with little opportunity to customise.

I think you can achieve what you want eg set background to black or preferred colour, for play buttons set background to transparent. To remove circles, reduce thickness to 0. There are options to choose which circles. In addition you could investigate the different play buttons on offer.

select your preferred seekbar and set your own colours for lapsed and remaing parts. Size the seekbar thumb, pick colour for seekbar thumb.

hide track meta information, hide elapsed and duration. Set  disabled icons colour to some opaque colour. 

Do let me know how you get on. 

Ps i will have a go at creating the look when i get the chance

You can email me your skin settings so I can approximate your preferences better. SSettings>Export Settings>3rd party skin settings

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@ihaspei 15 minutes of fine tuning



hide waveseek, ratings/like, menu button (in Poweramp ui menu)

reduce albumart size

set circles for play buttons, buttons to 0 

set backgrounds of buttons and play buttons to transparent.

navbar background transparent

resize play buttons and space them as you like it

hide the category icon

You can now even change the colours of the play buttons, navbar icons, button icons, change colours of seekbar and lapsed seekbar

and so on.

The options are endless.

I hope this helps

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i appreciate the dedication man!

i was playing more with some options and just got it something like that picture.

i don't know if its possible right now with your skin but here are some features you could add:

- blur album art background on lyrics/lists and player ui and be able to dim it

- add some transparency on the player ui buttons just as the default.

- new volume slider (something like this, i think looks better)



and i don't know if this could be fix 'cause it's out of the default album cover place on the app but i just found this bug


really thanks for the help!


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