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Why does Poweramp stop playing after each folder/album?

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Change the Repeat mode to 'Advance Category' by tapping on the Repeat icon on the Player Screen (second in from the right beneath the cover artwork area). That basically means PA should continue to play all Categories rather than only playing the current one.


@maxmp I know I've mentioned this a few times in the past, but it would really help to eliminate this fairly regular confusion if the wording of the Repeat options could be slightly changed to make the terms more understandable. So a simpler set of wording - "Play Single Song", "Play This Category", "Play All Categories", "Repeat Song", "Repeat Category", "Repeat All Categories".


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@Tricky 'Advance Category' used to be called 'Advance List', which was changed to 'Category' to be less confused with the specific term of Playlists about 8 (?) years ago. But as this question still keeps cropping up regularly here, I do think it might be time to simply re-word the names on the button to make the choices more intuitive. I don't think anything much needs to be done to the actual code logic, just changing the wording from 'Advance Category' to 'Play All Categories' would help a lot.

Technically by the way, it actually means Repeat All Categories, as at the end of the last album/folder playback will loop back to the first one again. Except in the 'All Songs' Category, which currently stops at the end. That's why I thought it would make sense to offer a universal Play All or Repeat All choice - so that would give us Play Song/Category/All and Repeat Song/Category/All. 


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