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Good day..please can you tell me- is there an option or setting to save all downloaded songs together with album art to "the cloud" or to a server so that when I get a new device it will be easily accessible? So that I won't have to download all song files again..


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No, but as your song files are already downloaded then you can just copy them over to the new device locally, via wi-fi or USB cable. Everything else - Settings, EQ, skins, playlists, ratings, cover art, etc - can be backed up to a single archive file using PA Settings=>Export Settings/Data, and then restored onto the new device using the companion Import feature. I just did it myself in fact, and it worked flawlessly. In my case didn't need to copy the actual audio files over though, as they were on an SD Card so I just swapped it to the new phone. But everything else went via the Export/Import process.


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14 minutes ago, Ruan said:

I just want to be sure to save back up Poweramp file to correct folder in SD card..above a screenshot of a few folders on my SD card..please see post above screenshot. 


It doesn't matter where you export a backup, same as it doesn't matter where you import one from. Just make the backup. I myself have neglected to do so when it's completely within reach. Possibilities of where to save it are entirely up to you. It's Timestamped and clearly named. Save it. Carry on.

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