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Folder of random mp3s when transfered to phone shows as single files in Poweramp ?

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I open Poweramp and go to folders , select which one to play ...This folder I created on a PC of random mp3s is all tagged with track numbers artist name , album title but not in same order .

This folder is not showing in the folder section , its all single tracks ...to play it Ive created a playlist , just wondered why this was happening .

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You'd need to post a screenshot of the directory in question (as shown in a file explorer app) and also a screenshot of how you are seeing it in the 'Folders' view in Poweramp. The 'Folders' view (not 'Folders Hierarchy') should only be able to display a long list of available folder names, and if you drill down into any one of them you should see the list of songs it contains.


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