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Direct online backup/restore during settings export/import

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I'm a master in losing my phones. I usually have a primary phone and a backup phone, all of them always bought used, so loosing them 6 times is still cheaper than one of my ex-wife's new iPhones. 🤷


But after setting up Poweramp, exporting settings, I always forget to upload the settings to e.g. Google Drive. Some month later I start to setup Poweramp from scratch again...

I understood that the website version will never offer this option as it doesn't rely on Google services.

I know it's just my laziness and carelessness...

By the way if I buy the website version, will it give back the access to the Downloads folder which got lost in the Playstore version. At least I suspect it to be like that from the information in the attached screenshot. I don't care about buying it twice, Poweramp is worth it.

Regards and greetings from Berlin


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Ironically, I only suggested allowing the Export Settings/Data feature to use Google Drive or Dropbox just this morning, which would exactly fit with your main request. 

If you use Legacy File Access Mode, you can use some system folders which Google otherwise prohibits on newer versions of Android. I would not suggest using Downloads as a music folder anyway though, it has a specific transient purpose, and that is not media playback.



Builds 961-970:

  • Target SDK updated to 33 due to the Google Play requirements. This causes the following changes, restrictions, and requirements:

    Play edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option is not supported anymore on Android 13+. The support is removed by Google.
      Please use Music Folders dialog to enable/add appropriate folders with the music to Poweramp Library
      Android doesn't allow certain folders to be added this way, including /Downloads or storage root. This limitation is set by Google. Please try adding subfolders instead

    Website (-uni-) edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option now requires All Files Access permission on Android 13+
      All Files Access permission also makes more file types (previously invisible in File Access Legacy Mode) available for Poweramp, such as .CUE files



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