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  1. as i dont want to remove the album tag, an option to force the artist + title tab would be great, furthermore i dont care about data usage. does Poweramp use embedded album arts? thank you in advance
  2. how does Poweramp chose weather it uses artist + album or artist + title? i would like to be able to force the search for artist + title to avoid searching for the sampler's name. is there a prefered release date for 2.0 (without guarantee)?
  3. Hello, you're player is really awesom, i dont really miss any feature! I am on Android for some days and found it, when i searched for a player with equalizer as my device has a low maximum loudness and i think will buy it at the end of the test period due to the fact that all the other players i found are not really as good as yours. But it's the first time i am on a payed app platform, so firstly i have to look how the android market payment thing work... now here is my request: i have alot samplers on my SD and i dont like to see the sampler cover for a song, but more likely the cover of the real album of the single or at least only a picture of the artist, so maybe you could add an option to chose what Poweramp search for: artist + album artist artist + title artist + album + title btw.: i read something about Poweramp 2.0... if i buy 1.1, i will be able to use 2.0 with the same licence?
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