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Controls not working with Galaxy Buds 2


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I've been using the Galaxy buds plus with no issue while using your app.  Touch controls work fine.

I just switched to the buds 2 and the Bluetooth touch controls don't seem to work at all.  When I look at "Last commands", it's blank.  

They work fine with all other apps I've tried, just not Poweramp


I didn't change any settings.

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If Last Commands is blank, then the button presses are not being routed to Poweramp - and if Poweramp is not sent the commands, it won't be able to action them.

Try re-pairing the buds. Also they might be using different BT protocols, which you can check in the Android Developer Options on your device. You could also set PA's Audio>Output menu back to defaults, but I rather doubt that's the issue here.


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