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BT Car Issue

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Android 9 - PA 957 - Moto 5G Stylus 2022

Don't know why this is happening in my car. If I turn off the head unit in my car the music stops like it's supposed to. If I then turn the head unit back on playback resumes where it left off like it's supposed to. This is all as expected. With the head unit shut off if I then shut off the car and then turn it back on the head unit is off as it should be, but PA on my phone starts playing and thinks it's sending music to the head unit. I saved the recent commands and hope that you can see if this is PA incorrectly thinking the head unit is turned on when I start the car or something else. The commands file is attached and should have a couple of instances of my described behavior.


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i have similar problem, if i am playing music through Poweramp using Android Auto on my Headunit and i turn my car off, the music continues playing on my Samsung Z Fold4's speakers, Poweramp Build 957. Android 13. Phone is connected to my Alpine Headunit through an AAWireless Dongle, hoping it's just a setting i don't know about and hope someone can help,thanks.

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SOLVED: Settings -> Headset/Bluetooth -> Resume On Bluetooth - Shut that off and all works great. If head unit is on playback resumes as it should when car is started. If head unit is turned off PA does not resume playback until the head unit is turned on.

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