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Live feed into Poweramp to utilize visualizer?

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Is there any version of PowerAmps visualizer that will accept a live audio signal, such as from an instrument or microphone?

Latency would be an issue, perhaps...

Does the visualizer "look ahead" at the incoming song data or is it pretty much writing as it "listens"?



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Interesting!  Is this a Poweramp product?   

I am much more interested in a patch or app that allows audio from an actual live source, such as a mixer, microphone or regular line-level sources.

I wonder if the EQ app was run on a PC/android OS, could the PC provide the app a live input through a external module or USB soundcard hookup to a microphone?

Has anyone here tried something similar?


I just really want to hook up a Poweramp visualizer to a keyboard.  :)

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@JJayzerz the live processing requires very low latencies, which may be available on some devices (mostly high end phones), while other will lag a lot. Technically it's easily possible, but it was never requested nor is in the overall "focus" of the Equalizer app.

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