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Detection of External USB-DAC.


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I've heard about one strange issue these days in our Chinese Forum, it's about the detection of External USB-DAC.


  So one of the users said that When he try to plug a External USB-DAC in his cellphone, the phone detected it as a USB-DAC correctly, as well as in the other Music Player APP. But the Poweramp is not, Poweramp has detected it as a Other Output Devices, instead of a USB-DAC. As you can see in the image here.


  So he can't do any setup with USB-DAC in the option Hi-Res Output. But by the way he said that the issue only exists when the phone UI is MIUI, if the phone UI is Original Android, then the issue won't be existing.


Poweramp version 955 and 957

Device Name Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 10 Ultra.

MIUI 14 based on Android 13.

and the USB-DAC is Meizu HiFi DAC.

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