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Is it possible to (auto)-hide the Menu bar? See attached photo, the bar is surrounded by a yellow oval. I don't know if it's called 'Menu', if not please tell me the right name. I am asking because I want the maximum available space for the cover art. If by chance you know a third party skin which gives priority to the cover art display (the bigger, the better) I would be interested.



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Yes you could probably hide the Navbar via skins. Maybe try YAPS skin, which allows you to show/hide/move most of the player screen items.

Doing so would make navigating to the Library, Settings, EQ , etc screens a tricky operation of course.


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a long ago i request if would be possible to move that menu bar just below the v.t.r.s. buttons on landscape mode, so the album cover can be bigger, of course it would need to move the title/seekbar a little bit to the left.

i personally have always hd cover arts embedded on the files, so this would be really good.

i made some kind of sketch on my phone so you probably could understand more what i mean.


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