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Swipe to enqueue a track

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Why no players besides Spotify have swipe to queue feature? In Poweramp I should hold click almost for every single track I want add to queue, because if i choose multiple tracks at once, it will add them not in the order I choosed, but in alphabetical. 

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If you select multiple tracks, they will be inserted into the Queue in the precise order that you specified via the List Options menu for that view. So for example if you are currently choosing songs from an album (or indeed a whole album) and you have the sort order for Album songs set to 'By Track #', then that's the order in which the songs will be added to the Queue. There are lots of other sorting options available though.

If you want to change the action triggered by tapping on a song - so it adds to the Queue rather than immediately starting playback - go to Settings=>Library=>Lists and change the 'List Item Click Action' setting.


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