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PA EQ Not Working After Android 12 Update HELP!

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I am using the power amp equalizer app specifically (I've got the Poweramp app but never figured out how to get it to load/function with Spotify). And it's stopped working (correctly) after updating to Android 12. I have a Motorola 5G Ace and have some decent OS related knowledge. If anyone can direct me to how I should be approaching this particular issue, I'd be super grateful. 

Any setting I select, including all of my presets, make no changes to my media anymore. I've also tried to modify Spotify and some of their settings associated with The equalizer but they all seem to be set up correctly like normal. And I can't seem to find a specific FAQ related to this issue directly. Especially considering the majority of information for Poweramp that is online is not for The equalizer specifically so it's a bit flooded for the power amp player... 

Cause look, I need my PA Equalizer... No PA-EQ is unacceptable. LOL! I'll straight up rollback this hideous and annoying-ass Android 12 to my previous version. (IF that's what I need to be looking into to fix it.) 

I've already went years without my PA being supported on my precious phone until I switched about 7mnths ago.. I was so excited when I launched PA-EQ and it worked again finally. Please tell me I'm screwed and 7 Months is all I get! Lol

Thanks in advance!





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If you've upgraded your current device from Android 11 to Android 12, you may want to reset the EQ modes back to defaults for that OS variant in case it has stored anything specific to the old OS (or even uninstall and reinstall; you can export any Preset values first if you want). Also might want to run the ADB DUMP permission task again. Then check to see that the apps you want to equalize are enabled in the Known Players list.


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Thanks Andre! Especially for the expedient response. I'll reset the EQs when I catch lunch here shortly. Actually I may just uninstall and reinstall. I actually have never done the DUMP process. I'm aware of it and knew it existed but I never had to do it. I'll have to review that procedure again to ensure I understand it. Thanks! I'll post back if successful!

You rock my dude. 🤘

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