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Poweramp not seeing all files in a folder

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Hope this is in the correct forum...

Poweramp [build-945-bundle-play-2d535bbf]

Pixel 6    Android 13

I uploaded an album, 26 files, to a folder on my phone. I did a full rescan of the music folder. I then went to that album in Poweramp. It only shows the last 13 songs of the album. They're all mp3 files. I've done the rescan multiple time sand rebooted the phone but the situation remains the same. I've also deleted the files in the folder and recopied them to the phone - no help.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Do all of the songs appear in the 'Folders' view in Poweramp? And what about in the 'All Songs' view, are they present with Album/Artist/etc info visible?

If they are present there, then probably there's something odd about the embedded tags within the audio files that don't show as part of the Album view. View 'Info/Tags' for each song in the folder view (long-press on the Title) and make sure the Album and Album Artist tags fully match across all of the songs.

If some tracks appear in the Folder view, but not others that are saved in the same storage folder, there's most likely something wrong with the files themselves.


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All songs appear however I view it except in Artist mode. You were right - I had taken CD1 and CD2 folders and combined them into 1 folder. Using Mp3tag I thought I had everything identical. WRONG! I had made an error and the album names were off a letter between the two sets of files.

Thanks for your response that got me to recheck the tags.

I notice you are in Birmingham. I am about 40 miles east of Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Thanks again for your help.

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It can be as little as one space or letter being different to make it read as a different item. Capitalisation changes are OK though. So "Abba" and "ABBA" will be treated as the same artist, but "Beatles" and "The Beatles" would be considered as different.

By the way, when you are dealing with a double CD you can still use the original Track numbers starting at 1 for each CD, but set the Disc number as 1 or 2 as required. Using By Track sorting will still work correctly accounting for the Disc# too. Or you could do what some people do and edit the Track# tag to continue the numbering sequence onward from the end of CD1.

Yes, I live near the 'original' Birmingham, in England - so a good few miles further from you than Birmingham AL :)


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