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Who will it be beneficial for?

  • People who often listen to their entire library on shuffle
  • People who like listening to songs on shuffle
  • People who use the star ratings on their songs

What is it?

A checkbox feature that will play songs that you like, more often than others

How will it work?

When enabled, songs that are have higher star ratings have a higher probability of being the next song to be played on "shuffle" mode. Vice versa with songs with low star ratings.

// Comments, opinions, criticism?

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  • 4 weeks later...

They mentioned about 2.1 having embedded ratings but no mention since or any hints of when. So it could be a weeks time, it coul dbe 2 years. Its been many a month since they said it was planned. This is probably the main feature I am waiting on because the current rating system is useless to me seeing as you can't sync using it nor can you update your music on PC with the same star ratings.

I hope someone can give some feedback on when this is likely.

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