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  1. I agree. Unacceptable if you ask me. I bought another player because of the lack of useful star ratings for sync, but otherwise prefer Poweramp. But they never reply of give a heads up for like what feels like a year. Oh well, they have already got my money before I realised how unresponsive the devs are so I keep checking once in a while if they have actually given updates or replies...
  2. So I have started using isyncr and the trial of Powerpro.mainly for the compatibility of isyncr ratings sync. I sync media players ratings (well i use media center but same ratings) to itunes (which I don't use other than for the syncing) and then isyncr syncs the music to my phone BOTH ways. I would use media player to sync but it doesn't do both ways. Sorry to bump this again but I really hope to finally get an answer so I know whether I will buy powerpro mainly for the ratings side. I have a few days left in the trial but guess there will be no answer or hint of when proper ratings will be implmented, preferably ratings compatible with isyncr and/or media player.
  3. Still waiting .... Any update?? Or will this be ignored or never mentioned again? And never replied to?
  4. Yes its common to be ignored here. Still waiting on ratings that are useful rather than only native to Poweramp.... but no updates on that for ages
  5. They mentioned about 2.1 having embedded ratings but no mention since or any hints of when. So it could be a weeks time, it coul dbe 2 years. Its been many a month since they said it was planned. This is probably the main feature I am waiting on because the current rating system is useless to me seeing as you can't sync using it nor can you update your music on PC with the same star ratings. I hope someone can give some feedback on when this is likely.
  6. I feel this would be great... once ratings are embedded
  7. +1 again, and +1 for actually getting feedback on when! It was mentioned months ago about it being in 2.1 but nothing has been mentioned, or even a rough guideline, since the one announcement even with a number of people asking about it in these forums.
  8. The only feature I am waiting for!! Would be great to have an idea of when it may be implemented.
  9. It would be nice if they gave us just an idea of when apart from 2.1! How many 2.0.% are there going to be before 2.1 who knows... I have asked politely and patiently a few times and posts just seem to get ignored in here. I know they can't give exact times because it is development after all but for a paid app I think its not too much to ask for them to give us rough times to expect.
  10. They do have an embedded star rating planned for v2.1 so they should be stored the same way as your current music files... But I have asked a few times about when 2.1, or more specifically the embedded ratings will ROUGHLY exist but they have never replied back with we have no idea or within a month or two..... just silence (which seems like it is often the case in this forum). The current form of star ratings is useless to me so I'm eagerly awaiting so I can sync only unrated, 4 and 5 stars... both ways
  11. Is it frowned upon in this forum to ask when releases are likely to occur??? If not, I am curious when 2.1 will be released as I'm hanging for the embedded star ratings..... even a slight hint or guideline???? If it is frowned upon... well I'll have to delete the post before anyone notices
  12. I doubt it but I feel it is too thin as well. Sometimes i accidentally open the library instead of skipping.
  13. I can rate the songs on the lock screen by clicking in between the repeat and shuffle icons. Its just that when unrated the blank stars are very faint and can't see where to touch the screen. Not sure if it needs to be enabled in the options menu though. Can you see the repeat and shuffle icons on the lock screen? If not you need to enable it in the lock screen options.
  14. Feature I'd like to see as well even if you had to be rooted. Although I'd like to see it happen when the screen is on so when i use a gps program in my car and using Poweramp for the music, i don't have to switch to Poweramp and then back to the gps program.
  15. I'm trying out Media Player 12 and only syncing 4&5 star and unrated files. Once embedded star ratings are implemented in v2.1 the star ratings will sync both ways and hopefully remove down graded music files. I used to manually sync but i want to automate the sync of only songs i like.
  16. Any hint on when v2.1 will be out? I'm hanging for the embedded star ratings. I understand you don't want to give dates because people will be bugging you if the development doesn't go to schedule. But is it likely to be a week, weeks or months? Poweramp has well and truly been worth its money. I bought it with the functions it had about 1 year ago so anything since has been a bonus if you ask me..... But it doesn't stop me wanting more
  17. You're not alone in wanting this feature. It is the main feature I am waiting for. It appears the ratings are not stored in the songs tag info yet and stored on a local central database on the phone. Which to me is pointless as i sync songs based on their embedded ratings. So ratings from say media player are not read or modified by Poweramp. I think this was on the cards for v2.1 but no timeframe has been given. Anyone with more knowledge or info please correct me if I am wrong.
  18. Old topic brought back up.... But I read somewhere there was a plan to embed the star ratings in the music files themselves rather than a local record in a file like it is now. Will the star ratings be compatible with the way media player 12 stores ratings in the file? Will the file modified date be updated and have media player 12 sync the file back to my pc when I change a star rating? This may be more a microsoft question but anyway. Is this planned for the next release or will it be further down the track or not planned?
  19. See this existing topic. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1515-control-player-via-volume-buttons/
  20. I have not seen this on any other player but it would be great to have a category, like beta 2 has most played rated etc, but only plays 4 & 5 star and unreated music. The reason I feel for including unrated music, along with 4 and 5 star music, is that everything will be played under this category until you choose not to like it. With players like media center is that if you choose your favourites then only the high star music gets played and any new music in the last 30 days. But if you have a large music collection then there is a chance you may not hear some of your new music within that 30 days and then the new music drops of the favourites category. The way I got around that is I open up media player and find all unrated music and make them 5 stars. That way they are still kept as a favourite for infinite time unless I choose they are not worthy of 5 stars But with 4 & 5 star music WITH UNRATED music then everything will be in the favourtites category until you actually choose you don't want to listen to it as a favourite.
  21. Loving the look of version 2 and got be thinking it would be nice to have the option to have the track info area down the bottom to be transparent or minimise itself like the shuffle etc does. Will hive the option of a really clean/minimal interface. Can still change tracks with swyping so the main function is still easily accessible
  22. Thanks to both of you for the info. Suppose once the stars in written into the tags I will then need to look into media center doing the same thing and then a sync program that will sync both ways and then a program that will only sync 4 and 5 stars to my device....... So still a long way off but getting closer Other than that I Poweramp well and trult fits my needs and only appears to be getting better!
  23. First post on here so hoping I have put this in the right area of the forum. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the v2 beta topic or create its own topic. Only thing holding me back from updating to the beta is the lack of 2x4 widget, as I use it on my home screen, so waiting for the final. But as there are so many features I am looking forward to in this build I have come so close to upgrading. I have tried to find out more info on how the star ratings are stored. I believe they are stored in the music files themselves as a tag?? I have posted a question on XDA developers in the galaxy S2 forum asking if anyone would know how to sync the star ratings both ways from media center and my Poweramp. I use media center at home to play back music with all tracks marked as five stars as default, then when I play back my favourites I down grade the star rating if I don't like the track. What I would love is to then sync only the 4 and 5 star tracks (which includes the defaulted 5 star rating tracks) and when I play back on my phone I can also downgrade the star ratings in Poweramp when a song comes on I don't like. Then have the star rating sync both ways when I plug it back into my computer so next time I sync my music it removes the tracks I don't really like on my phone.
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