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show the track number only on album view when 'relevant categories' is selected


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i got the show track number option on separate number - relevant categories, but it's still shown on the 'all genre songs' list


in my opinion i don't think that the 'all genre songs' list should be included as a "relevant category", and neither other lists or categories except for the album view.

it don't make sense to see random numbers beside the album art or on the meta when you are on a list or category where (like a said) it's not necessary or "relevant" to be shown the track number.

it just looks messy and unnecessary to show that info on other lists that are not the album view.

i don't know what you guys think

thanks for reading :)

edit: or at least have extra options like:

- separate number - only album view

in the meta - only album view

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Agreed, the 'relevant categories' feature for track number display ought to exclude all of the All <Category> Songs lists. Shuffled lists should obey the normal rules for non-shuffled categories though, nice to see what sequence an album has been re-ordered into. Does anyone actually use 'By Shuffled' in List Options other than All Songs? I've always felt it was just a partial fix until the awaiting 'Now Playing' list gets added.


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