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Poweramp unlocker buying question

nishat islam

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sorry. i know. this is not correct section for asking my desired question




Couple of days earlier, i saw the unlocker was '100 taka' -> '0.95955033 dollar' but now its '1.9088383 dollar' -> '199 taka'


im a student & quite poor from bangladesh. this is my first time buying any application through play store.


so, i was wondering, if i could buy the app by  '0.95955033 dollar'. i.e is there any option to buy this unlocker with less amount of money😔


sorry, ik i sounds like super silly. but i cant spend more than '100 taka' for buying application. i like this application very much and im using it for couple of years... and now i wanted to buy it, but spending more than 100 taka is huge for me as a student.


so, anybody knows any ways to buy this app with less money (0.95955033 dollar)? if you happen to know, plz help me. also, sorry for my bad english

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There are periodic sales (such as Black Friday for example) but they are not announced in advance. Just a case of keeping an eye out for offers on the Play Store. $2 is pretty cheap though, usually it's nearer the equivalent of $5 in most markets (e.g. UK Play Store price is £4.99, or around US$6).


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