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Karaoke equalizer

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Poweramp is not a karaoke app, it's target market is more high-end music reproduction. There are some tricks which try to pull the mono elements out of a stereo recording (which would normally be the vocals), but you need to do a lot of clever psycho-acoustic meddling too, which is probably not worth the amount of work involved for a feature which is basically contrary to the target market. That said, you never know, after all Tempo control got in there.


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I thought it could work like in this video. There would be frequency range sliders like in the video so I would define the range of frequencies and make their decibels lower. Possibility to save the set profiles would be matter of course.

I don't think it couldn't be unreal. What do you think? 🙂

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That's possible in a DAW... Adobe Audition in that example costs maybe $260/year, and Poweramp costs maybe $5-8/lifetime.

Results for something like this in a predominantly local-playback centered app would be meh at best and trash 80% of the time.

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