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I cannot for the life of me get Poweramp to sort Alphabetically. It keeps inserting track numbers or ignoring parts of the track name


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So I've got a couple hundred different podcasts and they're all titled something like


Jims Podcast #001 - Podcast Title

Jims Podcast #002 - Podcast Title


Toms Podcast#001 - Podcast Title


You get the idea. I can either get it to sort it so it plays #001 of each podcast, and then #002 etc. Or it will play all of Jims, then Tods etc but it's sorting by the text after "XYZ's Podcast #xxx" so "Jims Podcast #099 - Apples. Are they racist against doctors?" will appear before "Jims Podcast #001 - Zuchini recipes for when you have to cook for enemies"



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Every music Category in Poweramp has its own choice of sorting order, which you can adjust by viewing its list of songs and selecting (three-dots-menu)=>List Options.

I'm going to assume you are using the 'Folders' or 'Folders Hierarchy' categories here, which make the most sense for podcasts, and in that case I would suggest you use either 'By Filename' or 'By Title' options. I find podcasts can be pretty erratic in terms of the quality of both their embedded tagging and their file naming protocols, so it might take a bit of playing around (or even renaming of some files) to get it right. If the Title tags are neatly filled in, with consistent numbering format, that's probably your best choice. Next would be Filename, but again they need to be usefully consistent in their naming.


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