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Ive developed a very annoying issue in the last month. At one time, a month ago, i used the Search field for songs containing the word "home." Now, every time i am playing songs using the Shuffle function (Shuffle for all available songs) Poweramp will  suddenly resort back to the Search field and only play songs with the word "home". I have cleared the search field, rebooted phone multiple times, set Search back to default settings, closed out Poweramp multiple times, only for this to reoccur every time i am using it now. If I am watching the screen, i can literally see it pause a second like a glitch, then change tracks to only songs in that old search. I can restart app, go to All songs, start playing songs with Shuffle, and it will do it for a few songs, then suddenly start playing the search tracks containing "home" once again. CANNOT get it to stop doing this, actually clear the search, and just play random songs with Shuffle. 

This is beyond annoying, as Shuffle is my most used way to play tracks with PA

please help! 

[running latest build of Poweramp-945, Samsung Note20 on android 13] 

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5 hours ago, andrewilley said:

You didn't enqueue those searched "home" items for playback did you? If so, there may still be items in the Queue which are waiting to be played. Check Libarary=>Queue, and if there's anything in there use (menu)=>Clear Queue.



THANK YOU! i didnt think I had enqueued them, but apparently did, unintentionally, as ive never really used the Queue.... but that fixed it! 

Hope you have a great week, and thanks as always for the great help you do on this forum! 


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