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  1. Yeah, it should have a Back button but no Forward button, since it's the "Final Song"! Sorry, just trying to inject some humor.. Hope you figured out the problem. ;)
  2. @utahman1971, Dont understand why you are always taking things so personal. He quoted you only FOR context, to explain the situation with Samsungs and how and why they don't work with the app. It wasn't really directed at you--its just information--possibly helpful for any Samsung user on this forum, so he need not repeat it a hundred times.
  3. Thanks, Andre. Yes, i had went ahead and uploaded 709 (from704) on my S3 tab last night...Seems to be functioning well! Need to use Open SL output, but still sounds good (not HR output). Must say (for fear of reprisal) that the 7xx builds still look amazing on a big sharp screen, particularly with hires art. That's another reason i don't like any boxes covering the album art - its kinda like going from the old beautiful LP art to a cassette or cd.
  4. Are the latest alpha builds 706-708 compatible with a tablet?
  5. Max, The notes mention LG v10, anything useful for LG v20 in the 707 build? Thanks for the new updates, sounds great so far!
  6. 703~707 are the Alpha builds, 790 is a beta build for the new material-design based Version 3 of Poweramp. It will be the new fully-featured version when complete.
  7. I waited for years and decided to upgrade from Note 3 to 7. That didnt go well. ? Had to turn the first one in and get replacement, Got stung by a bee while standing in line at my local verizon store (and im allergic). Then had to turn in 2nd one after the total recall of device. It was fast and sharp, and Poweramp seemed to work well even with expermental hi-res out (think it was a703--never posted as phones were recalled and seemed irrelevant). Voice quality not as good as 3. Then went to LG v20, which has amazing SQ, and unfortunately probably last phone with removable battery.
  8. Build 706: Hi-res Output seems to be working great for me now on LG V20! Sound is loud and dynamic with either output. Sounds great! One thing I've noticed is that when listening to music via PA (headphone jack), if i get a notice (email, text alert) the sound (music on PA) briefly starts playing through the phone's speaker (during the alert sound) rather than wired headphone. @Andre: glad to know someone else is still using a Note3 Mine is still going strong. Main reason i like replaceable batteries. On 4th battery in Note3, and second in V20, gives it new life! Currently testing build 790 on note3 as i need to wait for EQ profiles to be able to export. Anyone tried build 706 on Samsung S3 tablet? (704 still works well).
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