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Display Year in Player UI

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Simply to (optionally?) display the track or album year in the main player screen, if the tag is available obviously. Perhaps in parentheses after the album or track name, on the same line if vertical space is an issue. 

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There have been a number of requests for specific changes to either the upper Title line or the lower Artist - Album line, all of which are probably best served by an existing Feature Request for editable formatting strings.

Whenever it gets implemented (I don't know a timescale, sorry) you would be able to build a definition of exactly what content you want to see on those lines, using simple % terms such as %title%, %artist%, %album%, %year%, %track%, %disc%, %genre%, etc. For example, the current title-only text on the upper line would be defined using nothing more than "%title%".

I added a proposal for the optional use of square brackets to allow for conditional content, which would only get displayed if the specified tag exists. So your suggestion of adding the year in parentheses, but only if a year tag is present, would be defined as "%title%[ (%year%)]". So the entire content of the square brackets would only be shown if the year tag exists.

There would be overall default versions for both the upper and lower lines in Settings=>Library=>Lists, which would initially be set to display the current lines so casual users wouldn't even notice this feature had been added. Then each category's List Options menu (for Folders, Albums, Playlists, etc) would contain a local override strings for that song list only - all initially empty, so the defaults would continue to be used.

Several existing option switches would actually be made redundant by this more flexible system. For example if you currently have 'Hide Unknown Album' enabled, the default lower string would be preset as "%artist%[ - %album%]" (or could be "[%artist%][ - %album%]" to hide "Unknown Artist" wording too). Or if you had opted to view track numbers (and including discs too, what the heck) the upper string could be set to "[%disc%-][%track%. ]%title%".

The summary of user requests and my suggestions is in:



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Ah, I see. Even better and much more flexible like you say. I appreciate your detailed reply and the link. Apologies for not spotting it earlier - I had done a quick search of your list of the requests already submitted and not read anything in very much detail.



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