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  1. nul

    Search in Settings

    Thanks for the frequent builds and updated features. I love the new version! I have three feature requests: 'Search' in settings. The number of settings is increasing all the time, it would be useful to be able to find newer or less used ones quickly. Per-playlist bookmarks. Simply to remember the position in playlists. As albums, podcasts and long tracks can all be saved or loaded as playlists I think this would be a more versatile feature than the current "long track" implementation. And, if possible and not too messy, the ability to re-order the now playing/track context menu .e.g. Move 'Delete' and 'Lyrics' to the bottom and 'Folder' and 'Album' to top etc.
  2. nul

    Poweramp Build 810

    Why not have one per-playlist bookmark saved automatically with the only user options being always resume from bookmarked position or never resume/ignore?
  3. I'm really loving the new UI - props! - but I would like to remove 'Delete' from the now-playing context menu (and ideally other items too, i.e. make the menu somewhat configurable).This is partly because I don't use 'Delete' at all but mostly because I became very accustomed to using the context menu in v2 to access a playing song's album or folder. In v3 these links are out of view initially and require another finger stroke. Is this possible?
  4. Payment directly to you preferably but there are alternative app stores like Aptoide, Amazon, Slideme...
  5. Nice looking skins minar but is there any chance you will make them available for purchase directly (or through another channel), for those of us who do not use the play store?
  6. nul

    Log in (password) is broken

    I am having this same problem - forum password has to be reset on each visit. I reset it each and every time through the password reset link.