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Cannot add to playlist bulk selection

Davide Depaoli

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The first two options in that long-press context menu are always 'Add to Playlist' and 'Add to Queue'. Normally they are displayed as "+ Playlist" and ">> Queue", based on the default functionality of adding the chosen items to the end of a playlist or the Queue. However if you long-press on either of those icons, you can change the functionality to instead insert the selected items at the start of the list, or insert them in random order.

Currently, the descriptor text beneath the icon changes whenever you adjust the function, which can look a bit confusing. As @Davide Depaoli  has pointed out, it can then be unclear what either icon actually does, such as:  image.png


When this feature was first introduced, I suggested that the significant wording "Playlist" or "Queue" should always be shown, with a small annotation next to the icon to indicate whether it is currently set for start, end, or shuffled. I still think that would be a good idea for better clarity, thus:

Playlist icon set to insert at start. Enqueue icon set to Shuffled image.png

And the default, with both icons set to add at end, which is what is normally displayed:  image.png



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