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dayli (or weekly) playlists/mixes


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it could be implemented just like the blackplayer app just randomly taking 20-40 songs and make this playlists/mixes daily or weekly maybe.

or can be more elaborated and doing it more personalized. it can be like 5 mix playlists per day following these criteria:

-  x random songs by genre

- x random songs by certain artist (so it can include features on other songs by other artists if exists)

- x random songs of certain years (80s to 90s, 00s to 10s, etc)

*these picked songs can be the most played or never played of that category according of the liking of the user.

*this daily playlists/mixes could have an option to save as a playlist, maybe at the top

*the header image by x artist mix can be selected by the artist image already got it.

*the header image by year or by genre playlist/mix could be a collage of the album arts featured on that mix, collage of the artists image featured on that playlist or just pick the album art of the first song on that playlist/mix

i don't know if this kind of feature goes to the philosophy of this app, but i think it could be really huge update for users with a huge library like me with more than 6000 songs (complete discographys, albums or just singles by different artists) helping to rediscover and remember songs that we may forgot that we got.

i was reading some posts where it's planned to do some statistics feature, so i think it can be implemented with the help of it i think.

it would be a huge update if its implemented on the app 'cause i don't know an app that have this feature implemented this way that are not streaming services, maybe 'cause its hard to do or i don't know but i just wanted to share this idea with the developer and to everyone that can like this feature too.

if its an extra feature and we have to pay for it i would pay for it because it will make this music player more special and premium than already is and 'cause this is a really good music player and my favorite app of all time.


thanks for reading :)

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There have been requests for 'Smart' - i.e. dynamic - playlists in the past, and if they get implemented at some point I would have thought adding a random element so such a playlist could be different each time you opened it would not be too much of a stretch. Maybe @flyingdutchman might even be able to do something via his Music Playlist Manager app?


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