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Is it possible to make such a skin for v3?

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Hello. Please excuse me if it's off topic. I don't know where else to write. In general, can anyone make the page of the track being played look like on the attached screenshots? Met in other players. As for me it's beautiful. The cover of the track is stretched and the entire design of the player smoothly turns into the color of the cover. Can be paid

Like this


Or like this


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@Владимир Фролов @neonatus , you can get close to the views shown with my skin YAPS . Poweramp itself handles the album blur but in YAPS you can even set gradient backgrounds, set colours for almost every artifact, select different play buttons or icons,  chose from over 150 colours and so much more...

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On 15.10.2022 at 18:53, flyingdutchman said:

@neonatus @Владимир Фролов , вы можете приблизиться к изображениям, показанным с помощью моих скинов.Poweramp сам обрабатывает размытие альбома, но в YAPS вы даже можете установить градиентный фон, задать цвета практически для каждого артефакта, выбрать различные кнопки воспроизведения или значки, выбрать из более чем 150 цветов и многое другое...

Tried. I didn’t like the fact that the buttons themselves and the look of the folders are like from the 2000s and a lot of superfluous. Even a lot of excess. I decided to use another player where it's all there and nothing more.

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On 15.10.2022 at 05:26, neonatus said:

что это за музыкальные приложения? выглядит интересно

также должно быть возможно иметь что-то подобное (за исключением цвета наложения? idk я не разработчик скинов)

это самое близкое к тому, что вы хотите: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ducktamine .Poweramp.v3.skins.minimal

но он не обновлялся с июня 2019 года

This is from the stock music application from the Honor phone, those are the second screenshots. The first from the BlackPlayer. In general, such an effect already exists in many modern applications. Therefore, I was surprised that there is no such thing in Poweramp.

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43 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

градиентное затухание в нижней части обложки альбома? 


Yes it is. I like to watch and enjoy the beautiful view of the player. As they say to whom, what. For me, design and decoration is not unimportant. Everything would suit me in stock Poweramp if there were such covers.

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