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Update FLAC decoder

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FLAC got updated a few weeks ago to 1.4.1 (and a month ago to 1.4), and amongst the changes the main thing is that it can now encode and (finally) decode 32 bit files.

Poweramp can see these files and read the tags, but can't play them. Would be nice to get this capability.

I'm a big fan of WavPack, but FLAC is catching up!



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Well libFLAC and libFLAC++ also got updated, and it has been on 1.4 for a month already, so I guess it's now on the hands of ffmpeg to catch it

Some codecs such as WavPack and TAK for example have their own icons on the audio info screen, they might not be using ffmpeg as well despite ffmpeg having support for them (I guess, I usually use the reference encoders for audio)

Either way, the notice is there so I think now we wait then

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