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How do I edit genre labels?

Geoff Rizzie

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If you want to use Poweramp to edit song tags, then from the main player screen, long-press on the album art, select info/tag, click edit tags at the bottom right, and choose any genre.

You can also long-press on the song from any library list and do the same thing. 

You can have more than one genre, just use / to separate them. 

You can not use Poweramp to do batch editing (one song at a time), I will suggest autotagger which you can get in the play Store for batch editing. 


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Poweramp does not label your music genres at all, it can only read the contents of any 'Genre' tags it finds embedded in your music files.

As @Bencherished  has mentioned, you can edit this information song-by-song within Poweramp itself, but personally if there are a lot of files I'd suggest doing it using a batch tag editor program on a computer, such as Tagscanner or MP3Tag.


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