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Poweramp has stopped seeing music!


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    Poweramp build number: 305
    your device model: Samsung SM-A320FL
    your Android version: 10
    your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM): lineage-17.1-20211230-UNOFFICIAL-a3y17lte
    steps to reproduce: run Poweramp!

All the above are irrelevant as it was working the last time I used it two weeks ago!


Poweramp not longer sees music!

It has stopped listing the albums on the SD card.

It reports " No any files listed" Typo needs correcting!

It lists both internal and SD card as the folders to check, but doesn't allow me to select or change those options anymore: I was trying to delete then recreate the locations. I don't have any music stored on my phones memory.

If I try and select the folders it displays "Doesn't look like anything to me".

If I access the SD card music folders (yes, they are there!) and select a file then Poweramp plays it, but no longer displays the embedded artwork.


It would be beneficial if I could report this problem from my Phone instead of just getting the forum FAQs.



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