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Poweramp has stopped seeing music!


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    Poweramp build number: 305
    your device model: Samsung SM-A320FL
    your Android version: 10
    your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM): lineage-17.1-20211230-UNOFFICIAL-a3y17lte
    steps to reproduce: run Poweramp!

All the above are irrelevant as it was working the last time I used it two weeks ago!


Poweramp not longer sees music!

It has stopped listing the albums on the SD card.

It reports " No any files listed" Typo needs correcting!

It lists both internal and SD card as the folders to check, but doesn't allow me to select or change those options anymore: I was trying to delete then recreate the locations. I don't have any music stored on my phones memory.

If I try and select the folders it displays "Doesn't look like anything to me".

If I access the SD card music folders (yes, they are there!) and select a file then Poweramp plays it, but no longer displays the embedded artwork.


It would be beneficial if I could report this problem from my Phone instead of just getting the forum FAQs.



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This has to do with permission issue. 

Why are you not using the latest version? 

Try clearing cache, and select music location again, don't forget granting permission. 


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Build 305 is the unlocker version, not Poweramp itself. Latest build Poweramp from here on the website is 942.

It does sound like permissions have been revoked by your device though, to re-enable them see 


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