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Poweramp Lockscreen MIUI 13 xiaomi.eu track length

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Im using a Poco F4 with newest xiaomi.eu 13.0.7 stable rom and Poweramp 942 works without problems. Just one thing that bothers me is that on Lockscreen , Poweramp doesnt show the track length anymore. Is that normal ? In status bar after lockscreen the track length is displayed. It was no Problem in the past with a mi8 and miui 12 with a10. Ive tried resetting notification settinga on PA but it doesnt change. Is it miuia fault or PA ?

Here I provide a current screenshot.



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10 minutes ago, Bencherished said:

@Eclipse1991 How are you doing? Regarding your issue, go to settings, Look & Feel, Notifications, Try changing your notification type. 


Good morning and thanks for your reply. Ive tried all the options of the notification type. The "design" changes then , thats right but It just wont show the track length on the Lockscreen. Im not sure if its MIUI fault maybe , or even rom related.

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What is displayed on the device's default lockscreen is down to the Android OS version, and can change as updates are issued. It's mostly based on content used for notifications, but mine for example doesn't include anything from the second level pulldown (counter, duration, positional bar, etc), all I see on the Samsung lockscreen is Title, Artist, cover art, and the three  <<   >   >>  buttons.


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