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Data shown on Android lock screen


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Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 (Android 9.0),  Poweramp build 939


When I was on build 933, the following data were on Android lock screen (as shown in the picture)

Track title (no.30,op.109, II  Prestissimo) -this was helpful-

Album Artist (BEETHOVEN)


Now, with build 939, Android lock screen shows


Album Artist (BEETHOVEN)

Is there something in Settings area so Track Title (instead of Album title) and Cover Art to be shown?

(Lock Screen>Cover Art is enabled)


Thank You!


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The layout displayed is very much down to Android, but on my Samsung Android 11 with PA 939 (and with previous builds) I see Cover Art thumbnail, Track Title, Track Artist, and the three buttons. No Album Title or Filename:


Is the tagging of the track currently being played correct?


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