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Hi Andre and all

I have been trying to use PA as an audiobook player as its feature rich nature. How ever I have the following issue.

1. I can not save play back position to resume next time. Every time I listen half way an audiobook and when I come later playback position is set to 00:00.

Only way I figured to solve it to close the app and open it back again.

Please tell me how to save play back position in an audiobook.


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There are two separate options for saving the playback position of an audio file.

The first is a global setting that affects all songs in your Library (Settings=>Library=>Store/Restore Per-Track Progress). You can set a threshold duration (e.g. 10 minutes) to prevent this feature from being used on shorter songs if you don't want that. In that same menu you can also tell PA to provide handy +10s/-10s buttons on the player screen for quicker navigation in these longer tracks, replacing the normal <<< and >>> pro buttons. 

The second option enables the same facility but for specific Folders or Playlists only. So for example if you are listening to an audiobook folder, go its track listing view and tap the three-dots-menu icon and choose List Options. Enable the 'Per-Track Progress' tickbox. You can also enable the 'List Position' feature which will remember the current track within that folder, so all you need to do later is tap the Play icon at the top of the folder to resume exactly playing where you last left off. This is an individual setting for every Folder or Playlist, you need to enable it for each one that you want to use in this way.  


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