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  1. Yes. You are right. New songs won't appear until triggering reshuffle. But this wouldn't be much matter as you grow your song collection I think. Probability for same song to be played very small with large song collections anyways. Hey Andre, So far PA has been very pleasant to me. I think I am gonna stick to it. Loach
  2. Hi Guys, I have been using Poweramp a while and it's been awesome. I have a little confusion so let me explain. I have a collection of songs in a folder (about 500). I want to play them randomly. So what I do is "Select all songs" category in PA and press shuffle button so it plays randomly. That's works pretty well. Whenever I find interesting songs I add those songs into my folder. I want to play them also randomly without disturbing current shuffle. ( I don't want to reset shuffle because I don't want to listen to same songs again) My question is, Will those newly added songs be also played automatically in current shuffle? Thanks guys
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