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[SOLVED] Rescan/Resolve playlists


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Hello, I recently removed all of my music from my phone, I converted it to 256kbps because of space problems and added it back with the same folder structure/file names. In the process, before putting back my music on my phone, I removed some songs that I didn't want anymore. My question is: if these songs were inside one or more playlists, did the Rescan/Resolve functionality remove them from the playlists? I forgot to write down the songs I deleted, so I can't check if this happened...


PS: OT question, but how can I change my forum email?

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The Rescan/Resolve process attempts to match up the entries in your Playlist files with songs that are present in PA's updated Library database. If it cannot find a match, the orphan items will show as filenames only when you view the Playlist (i.e. no title/artist/album/cover art/etc) but they will not be removed just n case the missing files turn up again later - e.g. if a storage has become unmounted, or you've renamed some folders or files but not realised that would impact on one of your playlists.

DM me with your email change request, I'll apply it for you.


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