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  1. Hello, I know the title may seems confusing, so I'll just upload a picture: As you can see from this screenshot, if I search for a track and then I long press that track to make the queue/send/add to playlist etc. menu appears, it selects it but every time I have to manually close the keyboard to make the menu appears: As you can imagine this is quite annoying: if I want to queue 5 tracks that don't appear in the same search, I need to do 5 searches and each time close the keyboard to add that track to the queue. So, why not showing the menu above the track name, or even better, make the keyboard automatically disappear when selecting it? Hope I've explained myself, thanks in advance!
  2. Mh, all the other tracks have no track tag and are ordered by alphabetical order tho :s
  3. Hello, as the title say I wanna report what I think it's a bug. I've encountered this problem only for "track tag": the original file has no track tag, but I see it when in Poweramp. Also, if I edit the tag (e.g. from 17 to 1) it correctly updates, but if I delete the tag (leaving track tag empty) or I set it to 0, it resets to the original (uncorrected) value. Hope I've explained myself, thanks!
  4. I already have those options checked, but they just show V.A. in track view and album view... Hello, the reason is that my playlists have 500+ artists in them, and I don't want that many artists (especially when for each artist I have 1 or 2 songs), so I use Album Artist tag instead and leave Artist tag empty. Anyway the only way to solve the problem seems to change the Artist tag to V.A., not that takes that much but I don't understand why in V2 I didn't have this problem (V.A. was shown when I was in Library - Artist) Cheers
  5. Hey, thanks for the answer. I've tried your solution but it's not working for me. Maybe I didn't explain myself: when I hit Artist in Library, I see "unknown artist" for all my playlists, as you can see from this screenshot: What I'd like to see instead of "unknown artist", is the Album Artist tag, which is V.A. ... Is it possible or the only solution is to change artist tag for every song to "V.A."
  6. I have made some playlists which lack Artist tag (but have Album Artist instead), and I remember that in V2 I didn't have any "unknown artist" but the album artist ("V.A.") was shown correctly. Thanks!
  7. Got it, not a problem then! I'll just change the tags :>
  8. Like it happened in v2, if I have an album whom genre is "Indie Rock/Alternative Rock" show the album both under "Indie Rock" genre and "Alternative Rock" genre. That feature was already implemented in v2, so it shouldn't be a problem to bring it back on v3!
  9. Hello there, I've installed v3 and I can confirm queueing system works as I wanted, thanks! I have some questions about v3, but I'll make a new topic in the right section. Thanks!
  10. First of all, thanks to both of you for the answers. For point 1: yes it does. Let me explain what I meant with an example. Imagine I have an album with 5 songs (titled "One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five") that I decide to shuffle. PA plays "Three", "Two". Then, I decide to enqueue a track from another album, and after the track has ended PA doesn't remember he has played already "Three" and "Two", so it starts again playing all of them shuffled. I don't want this to happen, any solution? For points 2, 3 and 4 I think I don't have any more questions. I'll upgrade to v3 as soon as the beta ends (ETA?) and, having the paid version of the app, I shouldn't have any problem exporting playlists' ratings.
  11. Hello everyone, as the title says I'm here to ask a few questions about Poweramp... 1) One thing I'd like to know is: when I shuffle music and I enqueue a track, is it possible to make the shuffle continue - after the enqueued track has ended - without starting again from one? 2) When I receive a notification (WhatsApp or others apps) Poweramp stops playing the track for few seconds, how do I solve this? (My mobile is Huawei P8 Lite 2017) 3) Is there a way to reproduce every song at the same level? 4) How do I export the ratings of the tracks? Thanks in advance to those who'll help me
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