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  1. Got it, not a problem then! I'll just change the tags :>
  2. Like it happened in v2, if I have an album whom genre is "Indie Rock/Alternative Rock" show the album both under "Indie Rock" genre and "Alternative Rock" genre. That feature was already implemented in v2, so it shouldn't be a problem to bring it back on v3!
  3. Hello there, I've installed v3 and I can confirm queueing system works as I wanted, thanks! I have some questions about v3, but I'll make a new topic in the right section. Thanks!
  4. First of all, thanks to both of you for the answers. For point 1: yes it does. Let me explain what I meant with an example. Imagine I have an album with 5 songs (titled "One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five") that I decide to shuffle. PA plays "Three", "Two". Then, I decide to enqueue a track from another album, and after the track has ended PA doesn't remember he has played already "Three" and "Two", so it starts again playing all of them shuffled. I don't want this to happen, any solution? For points 2, 3 and 4 I think I don't have any more questions. I'll upgrade to v3 as soon as the beta ends (ETA?) and, having the paid version of the app, I shouldn't have any problem exporting playlists' ratings.
  5. Hello everyone, as the title says I'm here to ask a few questions about Poweramp... 1) One thing I'd like to know is: when I shuffle music and I enqueue a track, is it possible to make the shuffle continue - after the enqueued track has ended - without starting again from one? 2) When I receive a notification (WhatsApp or others apps) Poweramp stops playing the track for few seconds, how do I solve this? (My mobile is Huawei P8 Lite 2017) 3) Is there a way to reproduce every song at the same level? 4) How do I export the ratings of the tracks? Thanks in advance to those who'll help me