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A way to remember the position in my song list (when scrolling) after returning from my queue of "Play Next"

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So, let's say I'm scrolling through my 2000 songs and I click "Play Next" on a handful songs halfway down the scrollbar. If I switch to the player view and try to go back to the library, I have to first exit the Queue and THEN return to Library > All songs... where I have now lost my position in the scroll and I'm back at the top of the list. Is there a solution to this? Thanks. 

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If you want to remain on the list after clicking on a song, just change a setting in Library- List - List item click action- (play and stay in list).

If for any reason, you exit to the main player screen, just drag down or tap on the album art, it will take you to the list (depending on the category view the song was clicked).

If you have added a song(s) to cue or play next from all Song category, clicking the album art will always take you to cue list. 

Poweramp does not remember your scrolling position if you exist, unless through a current playing song.


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When the Queue is playing, that is considered the current category/list, so tapping the artwork area in the player screen will take you to the current song in the current category (i.e. viewed within the Queue). You can use the player screen context menu (long-press on the album art, or use the three-dots menu icon) to see the currently playing song in Folder, Artist, Album or Genre category views, but not All Songs.

As @Bencherished  says, the best solution is not to go to the player screen if you still want to continue browsing through a different list, as any return after you have changed to the player screen would by design be to the currently playing song, not to some other position in a list that you had previously been browsing.


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