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Multiple bookmarks for playlists/folders

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When I'm at the gym, I want to listen to one playlist or music folder. When I'm in my car, I want to listen to another playlist or music folder. I don't want to have to keep track of where I am in each playlist/ folder.. I would like to be able to keep a list of bookmarks for playlists/folders so that I can choose-and-go.Corollary feature request: automatically choose a bookmark based on what device it's connected to (bluetooth to a car, or android auto to a car, or to apple airpods, for example)

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You can't store playback position per device, but you can do it per Folder or per Playlist, which seems to fit with what you are asking as you already have separate lists for gym or car.

In the folder or playlist for which you want to remember the playback position, tap the three-dots menu icon. Under List memory, tick 'List Position' (to remember the last-played song within the list) and 'Per Track Progress' (if you also want to remember the last-played position within the songs in the folder/list). This is set individually for each Folder or Playlist. To resume, just press the 'Play' icon at the top of that folder/playlist.


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