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Poweramp not visible on Android Auto in my Kia Xceed

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Hi. Newby to Poweramp and Android Auto here. I am trying to get Poweramp latest trial version to show on the screen in my Kia Xceed. I see it on my phone and when I play via Android Auto I hear the music. However, it does not appear as an app on the car screen and the play screen does not show when playing. The sound is fine. Aimp works as expected. I'd rather use Poweramp. Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.

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Hi. Thanks for replying. I'm having a basic problem - I cannot get Poweramp to appear in the Android Auto apps on my phone and therefore on the car screen. Aimp appears on installation. Is there a flag I should set or something like that? I have the free trial version of Poweramp.

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