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  1. Thanks Andre, it all makes perfect sense now.
  2. That did it! Thanks!
  3. I found what might be the problem. Here are two files I have copied to the Android -- /Music/all/b/bach-english_suite_1-perahia/bach-english_suite_1-perahia.flac /Music/all/b/bach-english_suite_1-perahia/bach-english_suite_1-perahia.flac.cue One is the .flac music file, the other is a .cue file for indexing the tracks in it. Next, I have a .m3u file that looks like this - #EXTINF:1348, Johann Sebastian Bach - English Suite for Keyboard No. 1 in A Major, BWV 806 \Music\all\b\bach-english_suite_1-perahia\bach-english_suite_1-perahia.flac (it has more in it than that, I'm just showing the relevant parts) This playlist cannot be processed by Poweramp. It says "Looks like nothing to me." The .cue file can be played by selecting it directly, and so can the .flac file. But the playlist file is a no-go. I've been using .m3u files in PA for ages and have never run into this; maybe I never noticed? But the error behavior is 100% consistent on other playlists that refer to files that have the same naming convention (name.flac + name.flac.cue). btw, this convention is a leftover artifact of using Total Recorder to generate the .cue files. I will attempt to remove the .flac part of the .cue filename and see if that makes PA any happier. Also btw, I have done a full rescan and it still occurs. Thanks for the hint, Andre.
  4. I am running into an error with .m3u playlist files. Poweramp build-905-arm-play [905004-96b6d050] I am creating the .m3u files on my Mac and then transferring them over to the Android via Android File Transfer. The file structure on the Android (SD card) is mirrored from the Mac. I am certain none of the following are the problem: wrong-way slashes \'s vs /'s mismatched paths SD card access anything random introduced by Android File Transfer So here's the weird thing: I put three files to the playlist file, do the transfers (flacs + m3u), and then attempt to load in Poweramp. In Poweramp, Library->Playlists shows me the new playlist, that is has three files, and that is has about the expected playing time. It even shows the cover of one of the music files. But it still says "Doesn't look like anything to me" and there is nothing to play. I think the issue may be the size of the music files. Smaller files do not seem to have an issue (the ones I am trying to add are full album rips, so therefore 40 minutes and up). Is this a known problem? Are there limits on playlist entries as to the size or length of the music file? I can provide particulars if someone wants. Thanks for reading.
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