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Help How to get multiple album arts in one album


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Instead of using playlist for years i have always made my own compilation by IDtagging using a software on pc



Cool music


updated desember 2011

I then Add a Album art using ID3 Tag software

A different Album art for each song in the same album...

I prefer this metod over playlist cause with my compilation i just update this only folder discarding the songs i dont want in my compilation

and they gone from my device, but with playlist i have to have every single song as a single on the device...and have to keep deleting each of them over time...

Also...i prefer not have many singles on my music player mostly albums......

So this is why i dont want playlist but instead the old fashion way prefer ID3 tagging making a own recopilation album.....

Now to the problem the recent years instead of IDtagging the whole compilation album with a custum-made album art, I now use the original album art for each song.

But in android i found big problem

First the Stock Mp3 player that came with my Samsung Galaxy note displayed the same Album art for the whole album even i had ID3tagged it to show an album art for each song

sure as soon i changed the album title in one of the songs i got the correct album art for that song, but i cannot do this cause i want all those compilation song in the same album

At first i though there was no solution So i got very frustated but then came across TTpod it showed multiple album art in one album just as i wanted

but since you have to shake the player to change track not swipe, and the skin was kinda ugly I keep searching and found Poweramp app

I downloaded the trial version played around with it a bit and was very happy to see it detected multiple album art in one album

so i could use compilation album with more than one album art for each song in same album instead of using playlist

I Was just about to buy the apps when i did something...not sure what it was

but i think it was after i retagged a song album tittle to test the idtagger buildt in Poweramp

then suddenly now all my songs in the same recompilation folder is like the stock player and hence useless for me ):

I deleted the compilation folder from my phone and transfered a new one which had not been tagged by the phone

but still same showed only one album art, i moved the album art back from phone to a location on my pc

used the IDtag software i have on PC to see if phone changed the album art... but it did not all my album arts was intact but still this not show up in Poweramp (and in stock music player also)

thing is it did showed up before in Poweramp

What i tried to fix it:

- Tap album art in Poweramp selected embed album art

then album art change for the song i play but not only this one song but all songs in the album

I can see the different album art when selecting it changes but the changes are made to all songs in the album

...this did not happen before

I tried delete album catche, and reinstalled the apps several times and cleared app catche

Did not help

I have no idea what happened but i wanted to buy Poweramp to use instead of stock player because of this

as i do many compilation album and realy need suport for multiple album art in one album

How can i fix this cause i now is possible since the first time i installed it did show up

This is so frustating i spent hours on this, i even searched this whole forum for a solution over 20 pages...but could not find anything

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Just a short update

I though ii try the same solution on my android that i use on my cowon mp3 player when something goes nuts on the device

I went to my pc and instead of transfer the same album compilation over i went into ID3Tag program and changed the tittle

but the id tag program on pc thats it


album title was: 16 des 2011

changed to: 16 desember 2011

then moved it over

For some strange reason now i have multiple album art in the same compilation album as i wanted....

I have no idea why this happen but there sure is some catche on the phone (and some mp3 players) thats not deleted

So if something screw up the IDtags then to fix instead of moving the same files over again slightly edit a character in the album tittle....

But this fix dont tell me what screwed up with the idtags in the first place

I will do more test to try find out...but for now there is a temporary fix

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Another update I found what screwed up multiple cover art in one album

what i found is if tapping on the cover art and choosing select album art

This tweak the cover art so that multiple album art in one album is somehow overidden so that all songs in the album have same cover even if they was tagged else on the pc.

there is no undone button as soon harm is done that album you doubleclicked on need to be transfered from the pc again

The fix involve first delete the compilation album from the phone, then change album title using Id3 software on pc

so example

If album tittle is Desember 2011 then change to Desemberrr 2011 , even one characters will do

for some strange reason the phone or App memory remember that exactly that file was tweaked

but changing the text in the album tittle from pc before transfer make the memory not recognize it.

Whats even more strange is that you can never use the same album tittle again when ID3 tagging during a fix cause everytime it is saved in memory

cleaning the Poweramp catche from aplication list or even reinstalling it wont fix it , only change the album tittle a little so phone memory not remember it.

Now If there just was an option to turn off album art selection popping up when clicking the album art cause that function is Evil for me :)

if i acidently click album art twice i have to transfer the album all over again cause multiple cover art inside same album will be gone.

Anyway thanks for making a good aplication and one of the few i found that suport multiple cover art inside same album

Now...if i just could find out why the stock mp3 player not display multiple cover art inside same album

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I use mp3tag, I clean all metadata and leave only necessary info (track#, genre, album name, title, artist). I also put my own art in the file. I make the art 500x500 and I have a real old pic program that reduces the file kb size as well. My wife's phone wont show the art if its too big. (non smart phone). It is possible to install a different art in each song or you can batch them and have the whole album the same. Sometimes I will put the single release art in instead of the regular art.

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  • 2 years later...

Sorry to revive an old topic but I am experiencing this same issue with the latest Poweramp. Has this ever been properly fixed or has another workaround surfaced?


Essentially I have multiple album art in one album and it is only showing 1. I only have this problem with 2 albums.

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  • 9 months later...

I am having exactly this same issue. Neiter reinstalling the app nor deleteing 'albumart.pamp' nor deleting the Album Art cache or the App Data will fix it. What else can be done?


There should be an "use default Album Art" option for each song o restore or something litke that.



Guys, I found a way to fix the issue. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6742-different-album-art-for-each-song/#entry25235

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