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    Downloaded album cover saved into song info

    Another option is to add the artwork to your files with your PC, before putting the songs on your device.
  2. I've heard them. My Sennheiser earbuds sound better.
  3. Not trying to be a jerk, but the first thing I suggest is to stop buying overpriced garbage like Beats. You're paying for a name over quality.
  4. harvestry_of_ghosts

    Payment without Credit Card?

    Another option is to go to pretty much any convenience or drug store & buy a pre-paid debit card.
  5. harvestry_of_ghosts

    Neutron Player

    Regardless, I'd like to blind test anyone who says they can hear a difference between 32/64 bit processing using Neutron on their phone or tablet. Sure it looks great on paper, but give a person two identical devices with identical headphones, playing the same encode of a given song, with the same player settings (outside of bit choice) and have them pick the better of 64bit on & off 10+ times.
  6. harvestry_of_ghosts

    Help How to get multiple album arts in one album

    Use a tagging app on your PC (I use Tag&Rename) to embed the desired artwork into your audio files before transferring them to your phone, then if they still have the same artwork for all files just delete the albumart.pamp file from the folder on your phone.
  7. harvestry_of_ghosts

    Microphone pass through when paused

    Maybe, as long as there were a limiter to avoid blasting my ears with traffic or other sounds.
  8. harvestry_of_ghosts

    Neutron Player

    That's just ridiculous Just for starters how much music do you own that is acutally native 64 bit? Please tell me 10 albums you have that are 64 bit. Secondly, with the capability of the human ear do you honestly think that you can actually hear the difference between 24, 32, or 64 bit audio - especially when played from a mobile device? Point being that next to no 64 bit albums are even in existance and that even if there WERE a great number of them, they would just be a waste of space on a mobile device anyway.
  9. harvestry_of_ghosts

    "Start In" specific library

    Would love to see an option added to allow the user to start in a specified library when Poweramp is opened. Such as "Start In" Artists, Folders, Albums, etc. PS. Happy to be a Poweramp user and a member of the forum.