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  1. Bring back the change list gesture (pull up, pull down). The new version does nothing when you pull up and when you pull down, it does the same thing as when you tap the current song.
  2. When I try to add a song or songs to a playlist that hasn't been loaded, Poweramp would delete the current playlist content to add only the new ones. I have only tried it with File-based Playlists. You should add a feature to load the playlist prior adding new songs.
  3. Damn! I fixed it! If anyone else is having this same issue. All you have to do is use a root browser (phone must be rooted, obviously) and go to "data/media/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art" and delete any picture you see in here. Just to be sure, you might also want to delete those in the folder "selected_aa". Hope this helps somebody else. I luckily found it.
  4. I am having exactly this same issue. Neiter reinstalling the app nor deleteing 'albumart.pamp' nor deleting the Album Art cache or the App Data will fix it. What else can be done? There should be an "use default Album Art" option for each song o restore or something litke that. Edit: Guys, I found a way to fix the issue. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6742-different-album-art-for-each-song/#entry25235
  5. Hi there! Well, I like having a different album art for each song. The situation is this, I changed one song's album art with Poweramp and then all songs of the same album changed to that picture. How can I revert that? Because reinstalling the app (and readjusting my settings) would be a pain in the ass. I tried deleting the albumart.pamp file but didn't work.
  6. Hi, guys. Can you add an option just like the title says? Is quite annoying when you add a song to queue just to hear it from between your other songs and it keeps playing forever when "repeat list" is on. Thank you. I simply love Poweramp. Best player out there!
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