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  1. In my car when bluetooth media grabbed the phone it used Poweramp, now built in music app is choice of the bluetooth media. Poweramp will play through the bluetooth but advance is only on phone. If you press the cars advance when Poweramp is playing, the default music player starts and BOTH songs play. Whats up with that? 2.0.6-build-508 Full Version. DROID BIONIC.
  2. I use mp3tag, I clean all metadata and leave only necessary info (track#, genre, album name, title, artist). I also put my own art in the file. I make the art 500x500 and I have a real old pic program that reduces the file kb size as well. My wife's phone wont show the art if its too big. (non smart phone). It is possible to install a different art in each song or you can batch them and have the whole album the same. Sometimes I will put the single release art in instead of the regular art.
  3. I think beta 2xx works better on my Bionic. ver1.xx would play a couple of songs then the the sound would disappear but it would run the timer as if it was playing. Beta 2xx only played a couple of days then went in-op because it said failed to verify license. Instructions say to make sure you download the new version as well as the new unlocker. When I try to download the new unlocker it wants me to pay again. After less than 1 year? I sent message in settings/failed to verify license from phone but did not get a response. Maybe Max is on Holiday?
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