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  1. I buyed Poweramp now I could not find a better music player for android But i have one questions How does the Thumbnail (smale) album art work in the library? All Album art show up correctly for each song i play so is not the big album art that is the problem what i mean is the smale thumbnail that show up in Artist/album under library under artist here each album is listed each which their own smale little album art. In my case i have here an album with 30 songs tagged correctly is a personal compilation (instead of playlist) where each of this 30 songs has a different album art and part of
  2. Poweramp is almost perfect what i find missing is a shake to next song (optional on-off) and a full screen album art option I realy like the big album art on TTpod but i use Poweramp cause of the sound settings is there a way to make a almost-full screen album art but without too much scaling as on TTpod This could be optional (for us that has bigger mobiles like galaxy note i would like smaler buttons and bigger album art ) so you swipe 2 fingers or click on album art to get it full screen but important then when is full screen that you can change song swiping album art in full album art mod
  3. Cant we just make double tapping the album art a pause button? (atleast as an option)
  4. Since most themes i like is Neon red i also want to request a Red neon theme with library text all red+dark red (instead of white and blue) with black background Square buttons instead of round on the player with Neonred instead of white Is there any new more themes avaible to buy?
  5. Me too i dont like round buttons thats my only complain of the current skin i like dark/red and dark/blue themes
  6. Another update I found what screwed up multiple cover art in one album what i found is if tapping on the cover art and choosing select album art This tweak the cover art so that multiple album art in one album is somehow overidden so that all songs in the album have same cover even if they was tagged else on the pc. there is no undone button as soon harm is done that album you doubleclicked on need to be transfered from the pc again The fix involve first delete the compilation album from the phone, then change album title using Id3 software on pc so example If album tittle is Desember 2011
  7. I though i post some questions and suggestion about the program 1. Can you add a Shake to change song function in future updates, just make it so it can be turned off in options ? 2. can you make an option for full screen album art (like ttpod) Yea i know it look a bit stretched but if you kept both size and just have an option for bigger for us that wants it bigger it certainly is possible as you can here : http://i.imgur.com/Y7mW3.jpg For us that has bigger mobiles like galaxy note need a option with smaler buttons and bigger more fullscreen album art. if you could make the size as the o
  8. Just a short update I though ii try the same solution on my android that i use on my cowon mp3 player when something goes nuts on the device I went to my pc and instead of transfer the same album compilation over i went into ID3Tag program and changed the tittle but the id tag program on pc thats it example album title was: 16 des 2011 changed to: 16 desember 2011 then moved it over For some strange reason now i have multiple album art in the same compilation album as i wanted.... I have no idea why this happen but there sure is some catche on the phone (and some mp3 players) thats not dele
  9. Instead of using playlist for years i have always made my own compilation by IDtagging using a software on pc example: Artist: Cool music Album updated desember 2011 I then Add a Album art using ID3 Tag software A different Album art for each song in the same album... I prefer this metod over playlist cause with my compilation i just update this only folder discarding the songs i dont want in my compilation and they gone from my device, but with playlist i have to have every single song as a single on the device...and have to keep deleting each of them over time... Also...i prefer not have man
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