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Recently added / random album play


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My dream companion app for Poweramp would be a simple "play album" launcher:

  • Have two buttons
    • Show 10 latest added albums
    • Show 10 random albums
  • Clicking one of the albums would trigger Poweramp to play the album.

Question, is it possible to do this through the API?

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I bought your playlist manager, but it didn't really fit the bill of quickly bring up random/recent album list and hit play.

I have a bit of learning curve if I dig into this as I have never coded any apps, but I have done basic coding in various languages over the years... first step would be the classic "Hello world" and if I get that running...

Mañana as in "not today".

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Thank you for the offer on wrapping up a framework as a starter.

Now I'm really pushing it... Any chance that you could throw in a 2*5 grid or list of 10 random albums in the framework, tapping on an album would launch it in PA. Some way to refresh the list would be great, refresh button or pull down. Nothing more nothing less. I couldn't care less about look or features.

This is probably the worlds shortest requirements list for an app:

  • Pull list of albums from PA, randomize and show 10 entries
  • Initiate album play in PA when item is clicked
  • Some way to refresh

Do you have a guestimate for what the effort would be for such a beast?

Use case: I have 800+ albums in my library and there are quite a lot of "forgotten" albums to discover. My player on the iPhone has "random" sort view which I use quite often to find something "new" to listen to. My "rule" is pick one of the first 5 on the random list.

I did mention "last added" in my original post, but that isn't needed as I already have that in PA where I have albums sorted by date added.

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@6b6561 your requirements

1. App lists all albums found in Poweramp, just like Poweramp itself, not sure why you would want to see only 10. However mpm can create playlists by randomly selecting albums. The limit of how many is also configurable

2. Next version of mpm will do this

3. Refresh what exactly?

4. Last added will be a column in the Poweramp media database so it  can be used in creating playlists

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Is there any chance to sweet talk you into adding "Shuffle" as a sort order in Album library view? That would give me a shuffled list of albums, from which I could select what to play.

I don't see how I otherwise could use Playlist Manager for what I'm trying to do or am I missing something in the flow? I tried adding multiple albums to a play list, but shuffling that shuffles the individual tracks and that's not what I'm after.

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You have no idea how happy you would make me if you would add "random" sort order in the Album Library view! That would really make my day as that would present me with a list of random albums from which I can pick which one to play.

The point is that I don't want to create a playlist out of X random albums, as that would probably not match the mood or bring up some real crap album. My personal "rule" is spin the randomizer and pick one of the first five albums and typically one of them will fit the mood.

This is something that I use quite often on MusicOwl on my iPhone and I find it a good way to pick something "new" from my 800+ albums.

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