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Few requests from a new user

Tanq BQZ

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Just wanted to share some of the possible improvements that appeared to me as a new user.


1 -- 

Option in the settings that would let you return to the exact previous screen when pressing the android return button.

The thing is, when you scroll down a playlist in order to find the next song you want to play, if you want to go to the playing now screen (to rewind the song for example) and go back to the playlist you were seeing, you'll end up at the spot of the song playing and not the spot you were in the first place.

That would be a nice addition.


2 --

Count numbers the "normal" way.

As of now, my playlists look like this :

Albums 1

Albums 10

Albums 2

Albums 3

Albums 4


I don't know what is the benefit of that, it would be far more intuitive if the biggest number would be last.

(Or add the option to sort playlists in a custom order)



Many have requested this before, and I have read the topics about it. I'm talking about a "Follow file's sample rate" feature.

I understand the thing about android phones not capable of playing 44.1 Hz, but many of us have DAPs that are perfectly capable of natively playing all kind of sample rates.

The thing about crossfade and gapless playback that would not work properly is a minor detail compared to the benefits of a feature like this.

And indeed there is a small quality loss when upsampling 44.1 to 48 for example, I can tell it by ear. With earphones on the 3.5 output I mean, not with a USB DAC.

For the argument about the weight add to the apk by such a feature, you can make it an addon you need to download separately. 


Other than that, it's a killer app!

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1. I would like that too, I prefer the Back button to just go... well, back... rather than going up through hierarchies that I did not pass through to get to that screen. It has been like that since day one though, and might confuse users now. An option would be great though.

2. Poweramp's alphanumeric sorting sorts correctly, i.e. character by character. Digits are just another type of character as far as an accurate ASCII sort is concerned. To make it work the way you want, use a naming convention such as "Albums 01", "Albums 02", "Albums 03", "Albums 10", "Albums 11", etc. There has been some talk of implementing a smart sort method for text fields at some point (although folders/filenames will always stay pure ASCII). See also https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/23011-sorting .

3. Please read @maxmp's responses to other similar requests as to why this is unlikely to work other than in some very specific circumstances. e.g. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/22841-bit-perfect-upsampling-double-check/


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