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new phone - can't verify license


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I have bought both the non-play and play version but I can't get either to verify the license.

When I try to the non-play version I get I get this error:
Cause: Failed to verify license / APM response 500 NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT orders@miketunes.comnull
I have manually entered my email and license number as listed in the FAQ but it give the same error.  

When I try it install the Full Version Unlocker from the play store it says - Can't install Poweramp full version unlocker, and gives me basic troubleshooting steps.  I have gone though the steps but it didn't help.  

My non-play order number is 459444, and I emailed Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com last week but didn't get a reply.  

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Actually I got the non-play version to work using another email than my original order, it'd be nice to get it to work from the Play store if possible though,  

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As long as you are using the same Google account, and you have the Play Store connected to it on your new device, you should be able to install the Trial version of PA from the Play Store (that's important, not the website APK initially) and then restore the licenced status too:


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I have the same error as OP, bought the web version couple days ago. No Play Store present on my device. Latest build 957, downloaded from here. I pm'ed @maxmp my details. I'm on Android 13.

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Thank you.

I uninstalled the app, wiped all details of it, and reinstalled build 965 web version. Already purchased? Selected Website and populated the fields.

Happy to report it works.

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