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Reset phone, reloaded playlists, playlists have no artwork


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Upgraded to Android 12.  Battery usage sucked.  So like always, backup everything and reset the phone.

Put the Poweramp backup file in the music directory.  Reloaded the same music files. 

Now everything works except there is no artwork for the playlist songs.  When I browse the song the artwork is there (flac with embedded artwork).

Any suggestions?

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Did you use the new full data Backup facility to also port any downloaded artwork to your new device?

Check that the playlist entries are pointing to the exact same audio files. Use (menu) > Info/Tags somewhere where you do see the artwork, and then again in the playlist version. Do they point to the same storage location, and both show embedded artwork is present? Try a Full Rescan.


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Figured it out.  When you reload, music then everything else.

Somehow the playlists got loaded before all the music.  When I reloaded the playlists again, everything was fine.  Just had to delete the ones loaded with the phone and rename the playlists back to their original names.


Just in case someone else is as brain dead as I am at times.....

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If you copy your playlist files before any music files are present, and Poweramp's scanner sees and scan through all the lines in the playlist file but does not find any of the linked audio files, then that would result in just an orphan filename being displayed in the Playlist, with no other library details at all (title, artist, album, duration, etc). You only mentioned missing artwork, which would have been a slightly different question.

A Full Rescan after everything was in place would have solved this though. That process clears the current library first, and then scans to find any available music files. Then it reads every discovered file to bring its tag data, artwork, etc into the Library. And only then does it look at Playlists, and it resolves them to match with the (hopefully now-existing) Library contents. But a song must exist in the Library database before it can be used by a Playlist.


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