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  1. Ended up using an app called Astro File manager. It allows the reset of the file association from google play and allow setting Poweramp as default player. There appears to be no other way of doing this on my device as there is no other way to dissociate play music from audio file types.
  2. So its not meant to be set as default audio player? Accessing a file should trigger it to ask which player I want to use as default, which my device does not do. It instead uses google play music despite its not being set as default.
  3. Blackberry Priv SVT100-3 Android 6.0.1, Kernel Version 3.10.84-perf-g225899f Cant get player to set as default. Tried disabling Google play but no dialog appears to select Poweramp. Tried MP3, ogg, and Flac files but phone says it can't play files.
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